Big decisions, Big goals can be daunting…I encourage my clients to “eat the elephant one bite at a time!”  
One tiny, incremental step…one per day!
I recently shared with you how to analyze a big decision, with lots of moving parts…a rather complicated conversation.  
QBDT or QB Online??  How to decide??  You can still watch the video with the link from

However, in the pilot program of Accounting Essentials – Simply! (for business owners) we start at the very basic level, as if the owners know nothing about business accounting.  Then we share tiny bite size pieces!
We know that owners are not always going to do their own bookkeeping; that they want to know enough to understand how an accounting system works, and how they can ask questions, protect themselves and use the information from their reports to make decisions. 

In the online videos, we spend 15 minutes per week in learning, and 15 minutes in practice…what could be more simple than that!  BITE SIZE PIECES!  That’s how great online learning is done!
We’re a couple of weeks away from finishing our  first Pilot Program, and we’ll be starting a new session; let me know if you, or your friends, would like to be included in the upcoming invitation.