Gibson & Associates is an online accounting advisory firm who supports business owners, entrepreneurs, farmers, ranchers and non-profit organizations.

The team members help business owners make more money and keep more of it by creating accounting systems that are fast, easy, effective, and accurate!

Marie Gibson, founder and creator, is a member of Intuit’s National Trainer Writer Network, and built the online business to better serve busy entrepreneurs who need help understanding and using their numbers to make business decisions.

Online Classes

SmartProfitPro Accounting Course for Small Business Owners

Are you a new business owner or new to accounting?

Learn how to create a basic, non-software specific, accounting system in less than 90 minutes!

Are you a “do-it-yourself” business owner?

Never have enough money?
Need your numbers?
Tired of working for free?

Learn Simple Accounting for Profit

Is your business already using QuickBooks?  You’re frustrated with your numbers?

How to setup, fine tune and use QB for running your business in the Real World


New Business Owner?  Or new to QuickBooks?

QuickBooks set up and introduction of software

Are you a new business owner and would like to have your QB’s software set-up and customized for you… this is a “done for you” solution

Is your Business already using Quickbooks?  You’re frustrated with your numbers?  Messy Reports?

Are you a business owner and would like to have your QB’s software reviewed?

QuickBooks File Review and Best-practices Recommendations

Need customized one-on-one help?

Costing and Control
Audit Assistance
CFO services
Special projects

Marie Gibson - Small Business accounting consulting and online training

Empowering you to make sound financial decisions.

Not sure how to read your reports? Or find your numbers?

Not sure if they’re accurate? Or how to use them for decision making?

Can’t even find your numbers? Reports are messy?

We can help you take Charge of your Accounting and Run Your Business profitably!

Businesses We Support

Small Business Owners

Marie Gibson - Small Business accounting consulting and online training
  • Auto – Repairs, maintenance and restoration
  • Construction – Commercial and Residential, Trades
  • Manufacturers
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants and Caterers
  • Retailers

Farmers and Ranchers

Marie Gibson - Small Business accounting consulting and online training
  • Beef cattle ranchers
  • Chicken and egg producers
  • Alfalfa farm/pet food manufacturer and wholesale distribution
  • Horse trainers and boarding
  • Animal rescues: rehabs and special needs.

Non-Profit Organizations

Marie Gibson - Small Business accounting consulting and online training
  • Senior services
  • Educational
  • Community development
  • Arts
  • Trade organizations
  • Churches


My business was growing. I was making good money however I didn’t know, in any given month, how much money I’d made or what my profit was. I could tell you how much I brought in overall, but I also wanted to be on top of my business financially; I wanted to keep my finger on its pulse.   I knew for sure it was costing me stress, and I knew that it had to be costing me money.

As someone who was new to not just QuickBooks, but also to accounting concepts, Marie was so incredible in helping us understand the language of accounting.

And that helped us to keep our books nice and clean; and to understand what different entities needed from us. I was able to create reports and get them sent right away because I was able to speak that accounting language.

Catherine & Michael Eardley, TanglewoodProductions

“Marie’s vast knowledge of QuickBooks and business matters really helped the Wells Chamber and our members”

M. Holford, President, Wells Chamber of Commerce

‘The workshop I took was a valuable tool in the success of my family’s new start up business.  I thought I knew the basics of my accounting program but, in the QuickBooks workshop, I quickly learned that there was still so much more it had to offer.  Marie’s ability to show the ins and outs of accounting in a fashion that I could easily understand and follow, allowed me to walk away feeling confident about accounting.  Marie’s knowledge has gone far beyond the workshop setting as she continues to be a wealth of information with a willingness to offer follow-up support.  Marie has been an invaluable asset to the organization and success of our new business.” ~ Carissa Martinelli, Anatomie

Grateful Students , Workshops and Conference Events

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