(Get out of your comfort zone!)

One small step??
(Want to know what I did??)
Last week I shared with you how to analyze a big decision, with lots of moving parts…a rather complicated conversation.  You can still watch the video with the link
However, we can only make so many BIG decisions before we’re overwhelmed; my clients remind me of that all the time.  So….how about a small step??  One step that will move you forward; a tiny, incremental step…
One small step to move us out of our comfort zone?  Try on something new?
Soooo…I did a “thing…”
I did a FB live video! I just kept hearing over and over how great they are, but I couldn’t imagine what it would be like.  Usually I teach one-to-one; sometimes to classrooms or corporate environments.  
It does seem a little odd to put yourself out there and know that you’re talking to thin air?  Or someone??  Hello…anyone??