Smart and Sassy

Question: What should I take to my tax preparer for filing my taxes? Lynn-New business owner.

Professor Sassy-U: “You should take your SHOEBOX (or your BOOT-box) shoved full with all your receipts and paper work scrambled together…that way your tax preparer can charge you lots of money with extra fees, and we can retire while we’re still young.”

Professor Smart-U: “Actually…having your books, reports and accounting system relatively up-to-date AND organized makes it simpler, easier for your tax preparer-You’ll see lower fees! Tax time is not a good time to irritate your tax preparer with messy records (they’ll charge you). Click here to download your CPA Packet List today!

Question: I have an old version of QuickBooks…should I upgrade?
Professor Sassy-U: “Hellooo…does it work for you? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Professor Smart-U: “Actually…the newer versions provide tons more features, and the ability to fine-tune your records. You’ll want to upgrade at least every three years.”

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