5 easy ways to streamline data enttry (2)

Are you manually entering data into your accounting system? Enter your data faster, cheaper, and better in 2015. Data entry automation has come a long way. Check out these five ways to automate data entry:

1) Bank feeds or online banking

If you’re still entering your bank transactions, the good news is you have an opportunity to save a significant amount of time and money on your accounting. Almost all banks and many credit unions provide interfaces with your accounting system so that checking account, savings account, and credit card transactions can be automatically entered directly into your accounting system. There are two methods:

  • The older way is through online banking which can be initiated by working with both your accounting system and the bank. The fee is usually $25 per month, with additional fees for bill pay.
  • The brand new, more modern and completely free way is through bank feeds, which are available when you move to a cloud accounting system such as QuickBooks Online or Xero. Bank feeds are not available in desktop accounting systems.

2) A smart scanner

Are you buried in stacks of paper? You can scan those stacks using a smart scanner that can parse the document and enter it straight into your accounting system. Typically, the process allows editing and accepting the data, which is far better than entering it from scratch.

3) Import and export functions

If you need to get data from one place to another, such as from a Point of Sale (POS) system to an accounting system, then using the export and import features of the software may be the most efficient method. Software apps can help you scrub the data and get it ready for the receiving system. Remember this resource if you ever convert from an old accounting system to a new accounting system. It is handy for moving your historical data.

4) Interfaces and programmers

Do you have a high volume of transactions that need to move from one place to another on an ongoing basis? Then it may make sense to employ programmers who can build an interface. Alternately, some systems can talk to each other already; they just need to be plugged-in to each other correctly.

5) Smartphones, tablets, and field service hardware and software

Where does your typical sale occur? If it is out in the field, get your data into your system in real time versus waiting to get back to the office. Mobile accounting apps are the answer for this form of data entry automation. They allow you to move on to the next sale versus slogging away at the office and keying in the day’s work.

Commit to no more manual data entry today

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