Listen to this good news! Intuit, the developer of popular QuickBooks software, found in their most recent nationwide survey of accounting professionals and small business owners that overwhelmingly 94 percent of accounting professionals and 87 percent of small business owners see opportunities to expand their businesses.  Normally one thinks of small business owners and entrepreneurs as having an amazing amount of incredible optimism; however, one usually considers accounting professionals to be a bit cautious by nature….so this was interesting news, indeed.

Additionally, 65% of accounting professionals and 54% of small business owners GREW their business in the last 12 months–in an economy that they consider to be “fair” or “poor.” These business owners, these professionals, these entrepreneurs-they are the life blood of America….these are the people who see the numbers day in and day out–the ones that are running the small business –they are saying that they have grown their own businesses AND are optimistic about the future. Isn’t that just amazing to you!?

These survey results are absolutely phenomenal when compared to the media blitz that we receive every day. When I heard these numbers, I wanted to find out more…more about the survey…more about the responses…more about the differences and similarities among the accounting professionals and small business owners. I just had to check out this survey.

What I found to be incredible was that last year, 35% of business owners and 39% of professional accountants actually invested in new technology to maintain their success and grow their businesses. Also, many of the small business owners anticipate that the use of mobile phones and online apps will be helping them stay in touch with their customers and their financial information in the future.

If you are a small business owner or an accounting professional you might wish to take note of the survey findings. Accounting professionals that work with businesses and small business owners, similar to yourself, actually feel good about our economy. They feel good about their opportunities for growth, and they are planning to accomplish this growth and expansion with new technology. They are using technology to develop new clients, stay in touch with their customers, expand their markets and have regular online access to their financial information.

If you are tired of the naysayers, if you’re tired of the media telling you how horrible the economy is, you might wish to get a boost of enthusiasm and motivation in knowing that others see opportunity and are walking towards it…let me encourage you to do so as well!

So…how can we turn our revenues into profits? Why do we sometimes have trouble implementing the SYSTEMATIC changes needed to achieve our goals? Ideally, achieving goals is accomplished in a series of tiny bite-size steps. Many times, however, we instead try to implement changes all at once in one giant step.

But, most of us just don’t have the time to transform our business in one large step. So, I recommend that you try a simpler method.

For instance, try to get one new activity accomplished every week, and do it by biting off just enough so that you can make one change each week in less than an hour. If you spend just one hour per week for 52 weeks; you’ve just fine-tuned your business for 52 hours. In contrast, would you have actually been able to spend more than one entire week just improving your business system? Probably not. That’s why it’s important to start a program that helps you take the tiny steps; it helps break big chunks down into smaller pieces so that you can get things accomplished simply, easily and painlessly!

You may be wondering how you can do that, and how and where you can access the information that you need to implement these changes in one hour each week? Here’s help for you…

A special self-study course, ShoeBox-101 Basic Bookkeeping for Business Owners, which helps you learn to take charge of your accounting system in a simple step-by-step process. This self-study program is created especially for you and is exactly what you’ve been needing to transform your revenues into profits!

SHOEBOX-101 is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and managers just like you. That is… hard-working individuals who are short on time, who are not accountants by training, and who desire greater business success. If you need help improving your business, this course will help you understand your systems and give you the confidence you need to take charge of your business.

The self-study course includes everything that you need to set up your business accounting system, enter your transactions accurately and know the basic accounting principles and terminology.

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