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We are proud to introduce our full roster of QuickBooks Classes

QuickBooks ONLINE – this online class is especially designed as a 14-week class for new users who prefer a learning environment with homework and regular feedback—offered in a digital setting.  This class is hosted through UNR’s Extended Studies program and runs Oct 8 – Jan 14. Complete details and registration can be found by clicking here:

Intensive Introduction to QuickBooks for Small Business – September 19 and 20th.  This workshop is two-full days packed with the A to Z’s of learning and understanding the QuickBooks software to run your business simply and easily.

  • If you are using QuickBooks and you can’t understand your reports or how to use them for making wise business decisions – this class is a must.
  •  If you are using QuickBooks and you’ve been ignoring mistakes that prevent you from using your financial statements – this class is a must.
  • If you are an accountant, bookkeeper or CPA and become frustrated with the software – this class is a must.

This class is hosted through UNR’s Extended Studies program and complete details and registration can be found by clicking here:

September 17 and 24th – This TAHOE CITY class is hosted through Sierra Economic Development Corporation and complete details and registration can be found by clicking here.

New User Hands-on QuickBooks class.  This series of three classes offers personalized learning in a classroom setting for new users.  No refunds or adjustments for unattended classes…please don’t ask.

Beginning QuickBooks – (First of Three) – October 8 and 10 (5:45 – 7:45 pm) AND October 12 (1-4:00pm)

  • Navigate through QuickBooks home page, tool bar and centers
  • Learn how QuickBooks works and learn the basics of debits and credits.  Set up customers and vendors
  • Learn how to use the chart of accounts
  • Learn how to input transactions and reconcile bank accounts.
  • Backup QB files and restore them, and more!

Intermediate QuickBooks (Second of Three) – October 22nd and 24th (5:45-7:45) AND October 26th (9am-12pm)

  • Learn how to use the Accounts Receivable and Accounts payable functions of QuickBooks.
  • Set up Classes/departments
  • Use the payroll functions
  • Learn how to identify and troubleshoot different issues that might arise.
  • Learn about journal entries
  • Online banking, and more!

Advanced QuickBooks (Third of Three) – November 12th and 14th (5:45-7:45) AND November 16th (9am-12pm)

  • Learn to avoid and fix costly mistakes
  • Learn to prepare your year-end financials for CPA review
  • Learn to set-up your own company
  • Custom report creations
  • Integration with Excel Spreadsheets
  • Managing inventory, and more!

Exciting QuickBooks BootCamp.  Friday, October 11, 8:30 – 4:30; 1301 Cordone Avenue, Reno

Are you already a user?  Need to have some more advanced training in special area?  Come to our QuickBooks BootCamp especially designed for experienced users.  Meet six different QuickBooks experts who share their knowledge about special features that you can use to make the software sing and dance!

  • Learn the Common Mistakes QuickBooks users make and how to fix them
  • Learn easy tips and tricks that will make your life easier and your workload lighter
  • Learn more about manufacturing and inventory management
  • Learn how to set-up and manage in POS systems for retail
  • Learn how to set up and run payroll properly for job costing
  • Learn how to make your CPA happy at the end-of-the-year.

QuickBooks for Business Owners.  Saturday, October 12, 8:30-12:30; 1301 Cordone Avenue, Reno

  • Are you confident with the accuracy and completeness of your financial statements?
  • Do you feel comfortable reading and understanding your reports?
  • Do you know how to pull up your own reports in QuickBooks and are you able to ‘drill down’ to find your answers?
  • Have you ever been asked, ‘why’ by someone reviewing your statements and you’re confident with your answers?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of one of these questions, this workshop is perfect for you!   Leave this hands-on workshop with full confidence that will allow you to make SMART business decisions—using your financial records.  SORRY—do not ask us to allow you to participate if you are not an owner, manager or non-profit director.

To register for these classes, please call.

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