I posted pics of a little rescue mare I rode on Saturday in my FB Group, and in the passing comments, I mentioned that I lost 50 pounds so that I could ride her. Someone asked “how” which got me pondering…it’s actually not the “how;” it’s the “why!”

Why did I lose the weight? Because I dearly wanted to ride her well! I wanted to learn what she could teach me! I wanted to go where she could go!
So…as we are still pondering…let’s apply that question to our businesses.
Why do you run a business?  Why do you want to make your business profitable? Why do you choose to ignore some parts and focus on other parts?  NO…these are not easy questions…and, they are not trick questions. Only you can answer them… AND, when you truly know the WHY…the how will become easier!
It may take you time to figure out the WHY, and when you do…I’m glad to help with the HOW.  I’ll show you an easy and inexpensive way to know your true business numbers, so you can make smarter, more strategic business decisions every day.

My warmest wishes for your continuing success during these unusual times. Marie Gibson

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