These myths may be crippling your business because they prevent you from knowing your “true numbers.” Numbers like: What are your most profitable products? Who’s your most productive employee? How much is your business worth? 
BASICALLY, are you making any money!?  Yes…this is a common question from my new clients.

 Accounting Myth #1:“A bookkeeper handles my books, and tells me all I need to know”I believe hiring an accounting professional is smart because it frees you to focus on what you do best – running your business. But delegating your accounting DOES NOT mean giving up your responsibility. You still need to know your numbers at all times; AND, understand the story that your reports are telling you; AND how to use your numbers to help with your decisions!

Accounting Myth #2:“I don’t need an accounting system because my business is very simple”One of my small clients, by knowing her numbers, went from pocketing $700/month to $2,100/month – for the same amount of work (in just a few months)!  she just needed to understand the story that her numbers were telling her.

Accounting Myth #3:
“I use accounting software to record my transactions, and that’s all I need”
Accounting software is great – but it’s not enough. These programs just record transactions, but they don’t show how to record transactions accurately; AND, how to interpret the stories that the numbers provide to you; AND, how to use your numbers to make your decisions easier.

After teaching accounting for years and consulting with hundreds of businesses, I created a proven, easy method that takes the intimidation and confusion out of accounting. More importantly, my system makes your business numbers simple and useful. And, NO DEBITS or CREDITS!

I’ll show you an easy and inexpensive way to know your true business numbers, so you can make smarter, more strategic business decisions every day.

My warmest wishes for your continuing success during these unusual times, Marie Gibson