Find a Mentor…Build your Database…  Two steps in one!

Some of you know that I’m not particularly brilliant (gasp!)  Did I actually say that!!??
Well…actually I’m brilliant enough to find great mentors and borrow their ideas and implement them into my business.  AND, this one…you’ll absolutely LOVE!
When I first began teaching at UNR, (years ago), one of the Instructional Design employees, Alina Vincent, went out of her way to befriend and support me.  I got through the first semester of teaching my lecture hall classes with her help.  She left the university about the time I was finishing my doctoral research in online learning for accounting students; I lost contact with her.
I bumped into her a couple of months ago, and I was amazed to hear how well she had done.  Alina and her husband, Michael, local residents, created their digital business by showing people how to use FaceBook to promote and build their own businesses.
I am now pleased to support her, and I’ve joined Alina’s 5-day FaceBook Visibility Challenge.
Alina is a REAL person; she is a supportive, helpful, giving person and I’m proud to be able to say “I knew her when…”
This Challenge may be exactly what you need; it may be exactly what your business needs.  Five days of learning to use FaceBook to gain more followers who support you; who buy from you; who refer you!  
This week…THIS is your homework assignment!
JOIN me for 5 days! Alina’s 5-day Visibility Challenge