Nestled in Northern Nevada is NCET, a hub of innovation and networking. As the region’s largest educational and networking powerhouse, NCET brings the brightest minds and ambitious entrepreneurs under one roof, offering a space to learn, share, and grow.

A Glimpse into NCET

NCET, or Northern Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, is more than just an organization. With programs like the NCET Small Business Expo and the NCET Tech Awards, it’s a catalyst for growth in the business and tech sectors. Born in 1999 as the TechAlliance, NCET has evolved, standing tall as an independent non-profit since 2007, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

The current buzz? The NCET Expo, a centerpiece of the much-anticipated Reno Startup Week!

Reno Startup Week: A Celebration of Business Dreams

Reno Startup Week is the event every business enthusiast awaits. This week-long event is all about innovation, collaboration, and networking. Purpose-driven, it aims to unite founders, innovators, and dreamers, fostering Northern Nevada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The week is packed: workshops cover everything from business basics to crafting pitch decks. Big names, including Adam Kramer and Ryan Weissmueller, are set to share their insights. With over 50 speakers, the opportunities to learn and network are immense.

Why Join the Hype?

It’s more than just workshops and speeches. Reno Startup Week is about creating valuable connections, meeting potential partners or investors, and absorbing wisdom from seasoned entrepreneurs. As Doug Erwin of EDAWN aptly puts it, this event bridges entrepreneurs to vital resources, especially in a post-pandemic world.

In short, if you’re eyeing growth or a fresh start in business, the NCET Expo at Reno Startup Week is your launchpad. Dive into the world of endless entrepreneurial possibilities!

Join Gibson & Associates—who have proudly sponsored the NCET Expo for over 15 years—along with numerous other participants, on September 29th at the Reno Public Market for this fantastic event!