Ever dreamed of making more money and spending less in your business? Marie Gibson is here to guide you!

Are you looking for your accounting to be simplified? Marie has a solution. She has the expertise to simplify your accounting uniquely for your needs. For those already familiar but feeling a bit lost, she’ll review your accounting setup and share great advice to fix any issues.

That’s not all. Marie offers training to understand your finances better. She can help correct any mistakes, share smart cost-saving tips, provide audit help, and even assist with bigger projects. If you need specialized help, Marie is the person to contact.

Here’s some big news! The NSBDC, a fantastic place for business advice, is hosting a free workshop. Guess who’s leading it? Yes, it’s Marie! It’s happening on October 5th at 9 am. NSBDC not only offers workshops but also free advice, helping businesses learn about their market and make eco-friendly choices.

In a nutshell, with Marie Gibson and NSBDC by your side, you’re on the path to financial success. Mark your calendar for October 5th and step into a smarter way of doing business!


You won’t want to miss this event, sign up at NSBDC.org