One minute word of personal encouragement!

Love when the lightbulb comes on!

My job is to remove stumbling blocks…I remove them to make your decisions easier, faster, quicker, better! Business owners can learn to use their numbers to earn more $$!


Over the weekend, one of my clients had a $$uper lightbulb come on! She realized that if she added up her payroll, her rent, her insurance, her phone, her continuing education and the other costs that she has every month, that she could then calculate how much to charge her clients!


For some of you, this may sound easy…for others, this is a major breakthrough. And, this is what an accounting system does for you…it helps you use your own personal numbers to make your own personal decisions.


YES…you can know exactly what to charge your clients, and how much money you will earn from your decisions. And how much profit you can keep…wouldn’t you like to know?? Take charge of your profitability today!
Warmest regards for your continuing success,
Marie Gibson
Accounting Educator (and Rescuer)