It was a very odd, stressful summer… 

thank goodness for my business systems – do you like yours?

Summarized into a very personal, short story: towards the end of June, our sweet-tempered, gentle kitty, Boo, was accidentally let out of the house.  None of our cats had never been outdoors, and four days later, I used a live animal trap to capture Boo.  The wire mesh was sprung outward, and the welds were broken.  Much to my surprise, as I picked up the cage, Boo attacked me with full force of an angry cat with claws and teeth.  Boo simply didn’t remember who I was or who Boo was!

Fast forward a very long, and stressful summer…two and half months of trying to heal Boo from trauma, or “PTSD,” with fragrances, pheromones, singing woo woo songs, ordering special meds from my vet, reiki, meditation, holding sacred space in my heart for Boo’s heart and calmness, stroking, cleaning, and emulating a mamma cat, and being bloodied several times a week, I now have a very sincere appreciation for those dealing with PTSD. I even consulted with the cat healing expert in Georgia during this time.  She runs a non-profit rescue for “special needs” kitties and was extremely generous with her time and support of my anguish.  Boo never did remember me, or himself, or the cat box, or the toys, or the laser light, or the special treats…Boo didn’t have ptsd.

The mobile veterinarian, who had been scheduled for a month, finally came to the house, and after hearing the story, she and her assistant gently pinned Boo to the carpet with a towel, so that they could wand-check for the id chip that comes with animals from our local shelter.  There was none to be found, and upon further investigation, we realized that the cat that spent the summer in my home was an intact male…a feral tom, Thomas B. Feral, king of the great outdoors!

Although we know that Boo is gone, we breathed a sigh of release that there was a reason that all of my efforts were for naught, and that Boo couldn’t remember who he was!

As this adventure wrapped itself up—just last week, I took stock of the disaster that my house and life seemed to have become…holes ripped in the carpet, stained areas caused by severe diarrhea, two other cats that had started having emotional issues, ants that moved in to help themselves to Thomas’ food, kitty litter tracked everywhere… I suddenly became aware of how much extra tension we had lived with, and that I hadn’t focused on my business.  With the release of the stress, I was suddenly concerned that I spent so much extra time learning about different healing modalities that that my business might have suffered.

Although I often analyze and work with business owners to develop their own internal operations, inventory and costing systems, I rarely take the time to review mine to see what continues to work well. This summer, they did not disappoint.

Thank goodness my systems worked well – they performed like they should, and I happily stepped right back into actively marketing my services and online learning programs.

I still need to check in personally with all my clients, fine-tune some work that had been postponed, but the operational functions, the accounting functions, the day-in and day-out tasks performed well.  Even though I was a bit of an absentee owner this summer, it’s an absolute relief and validation that all is well that ends well!

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And, If you’re a busy business owner with a real life, and you want to read our soon to be released comic story…watch for “How I survived being kidnapped by the crazy, cat lady”…as written by Thomas B. Feral, King of the great outdoors!

Warmest regards for your continuing success,
Marie Gibson
Accounting Educator (and Rescuer)