Scammers are always busy, especially with all the new technology today. They’re finding trickier ways to fool people. We think it’s super important to tell you about any dangers to your money. Lately, we heard about a sneaky scam that’s targeting folks at the Great Basin Federal Credit Union.

The Scam:

Members of the Great Basin Federal Credit Union have reported receiving unsettling phone calls from individuals claiming to represent the credit union’s fraud department. These callers insinuate they’re verifying or questioning certain activities on the member’s account.

What You Should Know:

These calls are NOT legitimate. Great Basin Federal Credit Union has confirmed that they NEVER call members to ask for online banking login information.

What You Should Do:

1. If you receive such a call, hang up immediately. Do not entertain any questions or provide any information.

2. Contact Great Basin Federal Credit Union directly to report the suspicious call.

3. NEVER share your online banking login or any personal/sensitive information over the phone.

4. If you’ve mistakenly given out your password or any other information, change them immediately and inform the credit union.

Stay Informed:

To further arm yourself against potential phone scams, click here to access information and tips from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Additionally, Great Basin Federal Credit Union offers a Fraud Center for more guidance on fraud prevention.

If you believe you’ve fallen victim to fraud, reach out to the credit union. Remember, you’re not alone. The scammers are crafty, but with vigilance, education, and community, we can keep our financial information safe.

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Stay safe, and always be cautious of unsolicited communications.