Marie, a leading expert in accounting advisory services will be speaking at the Scaling New Heights conference on June 25-28 in St Louis. 

The conference is a gathering of business leaders from across the nation who are interested in learning about the latest trends and best practices in accounting technology and advisory services.

Marie will be sharing her knowledge and expertise, helping the attendees learn how to create their first online classes. She will share her insights on what makes a successful online class; the steps needed to make the class simple, fun and profitable, and the easiest way to start your online teaching. Her courses include quickbooks training courses and other online accounting classes.

The conference is a great opportunity for business owners and professionals to learn from the best in the industry. Marie is a highly respected speaker, and her insights will be invaluable to anyone who is looking to grow their business by providing online classes. Marie is regarded as one of the top business consultants in Reno. 

To register for the conference, please visit the website at