No business owner can operate for long without decent numbers

Focus on your business with clarity!

Get rid of inventory that is costing you money

Fine tune your sales process

Know where your money is coming from and what your expenses are

KNOW which projects, services, and items are making money for you

If you want to learn how to Take Charge of your QuickBooks and Run Your Business Profitably, keep reading!

What if, in less than a month, you could have your QuickBooks not only making you  money but making your life easier with our quickbooks training courses!

If you want to learn how to create a profit-rich, impossible-to-ignore relationships with your accounting software… keep reading!

From Confusion and Frustration to Clarity and Confidence

QuickBooks Numbers that you can Read and Use to make smart business decisions!


The problem is… You KNOW that those numbers can’t possibly be yours!

Your reports are messy

You actually can’t read your reports

You don’t even know what numbers you want or why

You know that in order to be a real business owner and make money, you need to have numbers that you can actually read and use to make smart business decisions!

Client Testimonial

“Our QuickBooks reports made it SO easy to apply for the PPP loans—we were first in line!  Marie made it so convenient to find the business numbers we need at any time, at our fingertips!”  Catherine

“I knew without a doubt when to give my employees raises and how much I could afford!” Judith

“I realized that we really need to control our costs better; we thought we were earning a larger profit than we thought.”  Brent

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What Does This Program Include?

This program contains over twenty learning videos that help you use the QuickBooks software easily, quickly, efficiently and shows you how to get the numbers you need to run your business profitably with our quickbooks training courses!

What Makes QuickBooks in the Real World Different?

QuickBooks in the Real World is one of the only online courses that combines both the how-to and the logic of why.  Some video classes might show you how to point and click; they don’t provide the logic of how the software works.  Other accounting and bookkeeping programs are geared for bookkeepers and college students who want to study the technical aspects of accounting.

Not this one…This course is especially created for business owners who don’t give a hoot about debits and credits; and just want to understand enough accounting to get those numbers!  Those numbers are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

This program includes just enough logic behind how the software works, and how it’s intended to be used, how its features are sometimes incorrectly used, and how to know if your numbers are accurate!

Hi, I’m Marie, the Smart Profit Pro!  As an accounting consultant, I have a big heart for entrepreneurs and small business owners!  I help you make more money and keep more of it by building accounting systems that are fast, easy, effective, and accurate!   KNOW your numbers…and make sound business decisions!   I built this program to better serve owners who need fine-tuning of QuickBooks at an affordable price!  I’ve been a member of Intuit’s Nationwide Trainer Writer Network (TWN) for many years, helping create and present other online and classroom learning for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to have a great relationship with their QuickBooks!

    • If you are using QuickBooks and you haven’t been able to read and use your numbers, this class is a must.
    • Or… you’ve been ignoring mistakes that prevent you from using your reports, this class is a must.
    • If you Are you losing money and you don’t know why or where this class is a must
    • If you’re still working for free, this class is a must!
    • If you suspect that your bookkeeper or partner is stealing from you, this class is a must!
    • If you have no clue how you are you going to pay your bills on time, this class is a must!
    • If you owe taxes and yet you never have any money, this class is a must!