Are you a new business owner and not sure where to start?

Have you been in business for a while and you are tired and frustrated with messy reports?

Tired of working for free?

Need your numbers?

Take charge of your accounting and truly run your business profitably! Online accounting training for small business owners (non-software specific).

Basic steps in creating an easy accounting system to know your true numbers. Make smarter, more strategic business decisions every day!

You’re a business owner… not an accountant!

From confusion and frustration to clarity and confidence!

Numbers you can trust for sound financial decisions!

From clueless learner to confident business owner!

Do Any of These Describe You?

  • Business owners love planning, creating, promoting and managing their business – most dread the paperwork and the numbers
  • Are you tired and frustrated of messy reports?
  • Tried before to understand your numbers?
  • The problem is… your reports are a mess,
  • Your taxes are paid late,
  • You’re getting hit with penalties and late fees on your vendor payments,
  • You’re not sure if you can run payroll this week,
  • You’ve maxed out and can’t pay your credit cards,
  • You have a bank loan that’s in default,
  • You postpone filing your taxes,
  • You have no clue if you’re making money,
  • Seem to be earning money and yet you never have any?
  • Are you embarrassed that you have no clue how your business is doing?
  • You’ve tried to understand your numbers, but you always get frustrated because your reports are messy, or you just can’t read them?
  • Is your bookkeeper dismissive of your questions and is secretive?

You know that in order to be a real business owner and make money, you need to understand your numbers

However, you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and having self-discussions like…

I simply don’t have time
It’s not important… the tax guy will do it for me
I get so frustrated…
It seems like a foreign language
Debits and Credits always seem so complex
I simply don’t want to do my own accounting

If you want to … take control and experience stress free productivity.

If you want to … have confidence in running your business.

If you want to … sleep at night knowing that all of your taxes have been paid.

If you want to … be sure that you can meet payroll this week.

If you want to … file your tax returns on time – without penalties.

If you want to … have your numbers and use them to run your business with Confidence

I have something for you…

Accounting Made Simple for Busy Business Owners

The step-by-step accounting system for serious business owners who want to bring their fulfilling, high-profit business to life!

Client Testimonial

Here’s what happened with one of my clients, before working with me, Paula thought…that she didn’t need an accounting system because her business was very simple.

That’s what Paula told me when I first met her. And, yes…this was an actual client one of my students came to me for some help.  She makes specialty candles on the weekends, which at that time was generating about $700/month profit. Her accounting system couldn’t be easier: add up the weekly sales and subtract the week’s expenses.

When I showed her how to look at her numbers closely, she realized most of her sales were from her least profitable product.

Because these products sold well, she naturally focused on them. But her numbers showed if she spent the same amount of time selling her high profit product, she could triple her income. By knowing her numbers, she went from pocketing $700/month to $2,100/month – for the same amount of work!

Are you losing money on any one product or service and making up for it in other areas?  That’s called a “loss leader” and you may wish to choose that strategy, but you should analyze your decision first.  After all, if you’re the one making the business decisions, shouldn’t you base these decisions on numbers?

What makes Accounting Made Simple for Busy Business Owners different than other programs?

  • Accounting Made Simple is a 90-minute online course that understands that you are a business owner, not an accountant.  Bare Bones basics to run your business!

  • The program uses simple language and is taught visually – the way most business owners learn

    There are absolutely no debits and credits

    The focus on the program is creating your system to serve you—not the other way around!

    Provides you the bare bones, cut to the chase, get ‘er done system that you need when you simply don’t have the time to fiddle with your accounting system!

  • The end result: Rock solid confidence in your ability to create an accounting system that provides you the numbers you need, when you need them, simply, easily, effectively and accurately!

Hi, I’m Marie, the Smart Profit Pro!  As an accounting consultant, I have a big heart for entrepreneurs and small business owners!  I help you make more money and keep more of it by building accounting systems that are fast, easy, effective and accurate!   KNOW your numbers…and make sound business decisions!   I built this business to better serve online entrepreneurs who need fine-tuning and building of systems at an affordable price!


This course is specially created to help you conquer your accounting system – regardless of which software you use…even if it’s a manual system.

Most business owners feel exactly the same way; and they delegate the responsibility of the monthly upkeep to a bookkeeper or accounting professional.  However, it’s still important that you read your reports and use your numbers to make wise business decisions!

Yes, unless you’re an accountant, most business owners don’t really want to learn the technical entries for accounting.  This course is built with NO Debits or Credits!

Yes, this course helps you conquer those messy reports and get them to behave…you can have the numbers you want, when you want them!

How To Know if this course is for you: Seriously, if you’ve been reading all this…you’ll know!

You have no idea where to start with your accounting system!!

You’re tired of flying by the seat of your pants!

You constantly have to borrow money to pay bills!

You’re always broke and working for free!

Your reports are mess, and the paperwork frustrating?